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Explore our full range of innovative EV charging solutions, designed for efficiency and scalability.
Cutting-edge capabilities

Designed to deliver a seamless, powerful, and user-friendly charging experience for businesses and consumers alike.

Modular Design

Adapt with our flexible design, suited to any business size.

Rapid Charging

Minimize downtime with quick, efficient charging.

Integrated Storage

Store more energy smartly, always ready for peak demand.

Easy Installation

Deploy quickly with minimal infrastructure changes.

Intuitive Operation

Simplify your customer's interaction with a friendly interface.

Remote Management

Manage your charging network with ease from any location.

ES Series

Meet the ES360

Introducing our premier ES Series, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled convenience in EV charging.

0-600 kWh Battery Storage

Maintain power with high-capacity storage.

360kW Charging Capacity

Fast charge capabilities for efficiency and speed.

Ready to Deploy

From delivery to operation in less than 24 hours.

Fully Customizable

Choose storage, charging ports, connectors, color, and branding.
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ES Series

Merging portability with powerhouse performance, the ES360 is designed for swift deployment and adaptable integration, ensuring you can provide top-tier charging solutions wherever the need arises. Its robust battery storage capacity couples with a high-speed charging capability, offering a charging oasis in any environment. With its effortless installation, you can watch as it transforms any site into a hub of energy efficiency and customer satisfaction. For a detailed exploration of the ES360’s specifications and advantages, download our comprehensive product data sheet below.

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Smart charging software

Seamlessly integrate real-time control and optimization with Elywhere Connect, our intelligent software solution.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate your existing systems for a unified charging network.

Third Party Applications
Extend functionality with a wide array of compatible third-party applications.
API Connectivity
Facilitate communication between devices with our robust API connections.
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Real-Time Monitoring

Gain actionable insights and stay informed with live data tracking.

Charging Analytics
Track charging patterns and usage to inform business decisions.
System Health Checks
Ensure charger availability with proactive system diagnostics.

Maximize efficiency with Elywhere Connect's smart optimization features.

Cost Efficiency
Reduce operational costs with intelligent energy management.
Energy Usage
Optimize your energy consumption for both peak and off-peak hours.
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